What is wellness?

As a professional writer who has worked  in the medical industry for more than a decade, I became intrigued with the  word ‘Wellness.’

It shows up everywhere. But what does it actually mean?

My interpretation is that it describes the state of being in which we take actions to make our lives the best they can be, and in which we experience circumstances that impact our behaviors and ultimately our health, both physical and mental.

I chose Wellness as the theme of  this website because I am very interested in health, medicine, historic cures and traditional (alternative) practices, and in new treatments and medical advances based on genetic research, and all that unplanned stuff that happens to us in our lives, and because Wellness creates a stage for stories about people.  I enjoy writing about people  – moms, dads, kids, patients, doctors, researchers, and regular folks.

At the professional level, I continue to work with hospitals, physicians, and businesses to identify their key messages, and then to share those messages with target audiences through numerous media channels.