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As sure as the sunrise and sunset

horseshoe crabs on Lewes Beach morningWe may not know what is going to happen in our lives. But come May and one thing is always reliable — The horseshoe crabs arrive to lay their eggs on the beaches of the Delaware Bay. They arrive with the moon and the high tides. The males cling to the females. They fight the waves and the sand, the seagulls and the people. They make their way as high up on the sand as they can. And then they travel back into the water.  Their circular paths mark the sand.

I’ve read that they are an ancient animal and actually not a crab at all. For me, they are as reliable as the sunrise and the sunset. They signal that the weather is going to be warm again, that the sun is going to be out and that the days are longer.

They tell me that it is time for me to get my kayak back into the water.