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I’d like to share some o f the latest information that I think is important to us as we focus on staying healthy and living a quality life in our later years.

Scientists have built a goldfish

What does this mean to our health and future disease care?

Check out this story from the National Human Genome Research Institute.


Consuming more protein may prevent falls in women, study shows

It’s not unusual for people participating in athletic activities to consume lots of extra protein in the way of shakes, nuts and meats. But study carried out on nearly 3,000 people over 23 years shows that a diet including regular portions of protein may be more important to middle-to-senior-aged women than previously realized.

The study, reported in the Gerontological Society of American journal,  “Protein Intake and Functional integrity in Aging; The Framingham Heart Study Offspring,”  points to the importance of consuming protein as part of a balanced diet, to maintain function and physical strength.  The association between strength into our senior years and the consumption of protein-rich foods was apparent even after adjusting for age-related diseases.

Here is the link to the complete study results:

Study details

 Why is there excitement around CAR-T?

Stories about the hope for cure around gene therapy, and specifically CAR-T has been in the media over the past year. I was interested to find out what it is all about. I got an opportunity to interview Dr.  Beverly Davidson, a leader in this research who is based at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  My article was recently published in the winter issue of the journal for the American Medical Writers Association.

Here is the link to the article:

Gene therapy