Dog and Cat Owners, Beware!

Counterfeit flea-and-tick  products are on the market.  At best, they don’t work as you expect. At worst, they can harm or poison your pet.

Please see the paper “Made in China” label stuck on the back of the can of Senesto. It’s not supposed to be there.

Since my dog King is nearly 13 years old and no longer plays with other dogs, I decided to try Bayer’s relatively new flea-and-tick collar Seresto. My vet recommended is as one of several options available to protect him from the many diseases (sometimes fatal) that insects spread.  For me, the collar means one less pill for King to absorb. He already takes six pills a day for his arthritis pain and loss of strength in  his back legs. Plus, it is easy to use.

The first Seresto collar I purchased from a local pet store cost around $84. That was last February. It is good for about eight months. Since I am an Amazon Prime member, I decided to see if I could get a discount on the second collar I purchased.

I could.

A seller called “RGALZLLC” was selling the collar, on, for $54.95.

When the canister arrived, I discovered that there was a white label pasted on the back of the canister stating “Made in China.” Otherwise, it looked like the normal Seresto canister.

Bayer is a German company and that a bonafide  Seresto collar is made in Germany, not China. I telephoned Bayer customer service regarding the Seresto product (800-255-6826) and learned that in fact that product is made in Germany and that there are counterfeit products out there and to beware. I have no proof that my product was counterfeit, other than the ‘Made in China’ sticker. I haven’t seen any investigation documents, and don’t know if there are any. I am simply a former daily newspaper reporter and editor, and a concerned, caring, and suspicious animal lover.

I also saw on an eBay chat site that a counterfeit Seresto is showing up there, too. I informed Amazon, but I haven’t heard anything back from them about my suspicion. They did give me a refund, however. And, I noticed today that “RGALZLLC” no longer seems to be a seller of the Seresto collar on Amazon.  Again, I am sharing with all pet owners what happened to me.  I have no proof that this seller was dealing in counterfeit material.

My advice here is to be careful about the products you buy, and that if a paper “Made in XXX” label is stuck on the back of any food or pesticide product, check it out with the manufacturer.  While I am not saying pesticide products are inherently safe, the ones I want to buy to protect my pet from the diseases carried by insects should have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before I purchase it.

Check out the EPA’s warning on counterfeit pesticide products. The site has lots of information and lists some things to look for when suspicious of a counterfeit product:

Check out Bayer’s own warnings on fraudulent brands:

Kings uses the Seresto flea-and-tick collar. We bought the real one at the local pet store.








Wilson, my previous dog, is pictured on Twitter. She was a ‘party’ Portuguese Water Dog.  I lost her in a divorce a few years ago.

8 thoughts on “Dog and Cat Owners, Beware!”

  1. I recently bought collar thinking it was a US site. The collars came from China. I called Bayer and they advised me not to put them on my dogs. They are counterfeit and could harm my dogs. Only buy the collars from reputable sellers. I learned the hard way. 140.40 to China, and 181.00 to chewy to replace the China collars. Makes me sick

    1. I am surprised how many comments I have had on this post. I will contact Bayer again to find out if there is still a problem with counterfeit collars and write a follow.

  2. I just ordered one from a pet shop online when I received my shipping information I found out it was coming from China and I am pissed. No where on that site did I see that. I buy seresto usually from chewy but I decided to shop around because it is pricey. Never again!

  3. I just purchased 2 from Just for Pets for a total of $65. The email they sent regarding shipping said it was coming by way of China post. Now I’m very concerned about using it on my cats! I should have known it was too cheap to be real.

    1. I had the same issue. I told them I beleive they were fraudulant and requested a full refund or I would report them to paypal. They gave me a full refund. You may have to press them as I did.

  4. beachwritr it is indeed still a problem. Recent data by a consumer site lists sellers, particularly from China, on eBay as the overall worst offenders with 57% of product being counterfeit. I believe Amazon was second with 7% then AliBaba and Wal-Mart in the margins. The counterfeiters are now making product and product tins nearly identical to the Bayer models, having eliminated the most obvious mistakes. This includes but is not limited to no longer having expiration dates on tins, expertly copying the trademark “collar seal band” around tin and matching the inside metallic sheen of product tin top color. Since the 2019 announcement by Bayer that it would be distributing the Seresto brand in China, I wonder if the counterfeiters are reusing old tins that are legitimate while placing fake and extremely dangerous copycat product in those tins. There are reports of mismatched numbers on tin tops and bottoms as well as on the collar itself. Having worked for veterinarians as well as human hospitals, I can tell you one must always use extreme due diligence when purchasing prescription or OTC products from anywhere not listed in a manufacturer’s distribution partnership list. All else is suspect and criminal at best and potentially very harmful or fatal at worst.

    1. Thank you for the information. I wrote the blog two years ago and it is amazing I am still getting responses from it. I am reaching out to Bayer again this week, and will write a follow article, a the company spokesperson was concerned about the situation when I contacted Bayer in 2017. Your comment gives me ideas for questions I will ask. And, I do agree with you that we have to be careful both prescriptions and OTC products. We also have to worry about vitamins and supplements sold in local stores, but that is an entirely different subject!

  5. My wife ordered a seresto on line. When I checked the email for shipping date I saw where it was being shipped from China. We will not be using this on our pet. We have not received the item yet.

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