Cancer and Talcum Powder

I have seen attorney ads on TV telling me that if someone in my family died of ovarian cancer and had used talcum powder in her underwear (in the vicinity of), that I may be able to sue for a lot of money.

I have used powder after a shower or a bath. It makes me feel fresh and wonderful, especially when it is hot and humid on a summer’s day.  My mother always covered her body in powder after a shower. White fell everywhere in the bathroom.  The room smelled like flowers and I had to be careful or I tracked powder down the hallway. My mother  died of heart failure (Was there any connection between powder and heart failure?).

The ad struck me as one encouraging us to  go after deep pockets – you know, like falling at a restaurant and suing the restaurant.  With no universal health insurance, someone has to pay.  It’s the American way. My friend got a mountain cabin, paid for in cash,  thanks to a lawsuit following a car accident.  She was lucky because the car accident wasn’t her fault.  The cabin  definitely helped  how badly she felt.  Families won millions of dollars because a woman in their life died of ovarian cancer and at some point had used powder after a bath.

The ad bothered me. Maybe because I am jealous of my friend with a cabin.  It is beautiful, and worth a fortune now.  I know that jealousy is bad. Maybe because I felt  it is  a stretch to say that powder caused ovarian cancer. How did the powder get all the way up into the ovaries? Was it carried by sperm? A tampon? I know that genetic research is showing that ovarian cancer is hereditary, and that risk increases with age, obesity, diet, if and at what age the woman had children, and use of hormone therapies.

Then, in the last few days, I’ve noticed that judges are tossing out huge settlements against Johnson &Johnson for J&J talcum powder causing ovarian cancer.

The American Cancer Society  has come out with a statement on the connection between talc and cancer.  Please read it carefully.  I am not sure what it says, except that if you are worried, don’t use talcum powder in your underpants or on a menstrual pad.  I think it is still safe under your arms and on your breasts and abdomen. Or, stick to powders made of corn starch. That hasn’t been connected to cancer.

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