King is lounging now, but don’t let that fool you

King LoungingHe ran full speed at the park today after a squirrel. I knew he wouldn’t catch him – or I really hoped anyway – but figured he’d wear himself out in the chase. The squirrel must have seen him coming as he sprinted right up the side of the trunk of a really big tree. King tried to climb after him. However, at 85 pounds and nearly 10 years old, he didn’t have a chance.

He was really happy, though. Happy I unhooked the leash so he could run as fast as he could. Happy that he had a chance to catch a squirrel. Just plain old happy.

He trotted back to me with a smile on his face. “Yes,” I told him. “You are a good boy. We are going to the beach in the morning tomorrow. It’s Saturday and I don’t have to go to work.”

He gets it. He really does. He knows the word “work” and he surely knows the word “Beach.” I truly believe that now that we are back home and it is dark outside, he knows that we are going to the beach the first thing in the morning, which to him is 6 a.m., light or dark. Dark now.

So, right now, he is lounging in the second bedroom. He’s not even asking for a treat, though, I’m sure he would jump right up if I mentioned the word or went into the kitchen.

Could he be thinking about the squirrel today? Or the beach tomorrow? I’ll have to ask a dog behaviorist if dogs think about what is in the past or what they anticipate in the future. He really seems to know when it is the weekend and that we spend longer on our morning walks. He watches what I put on and sniffs my clothing. When I dress for work he seems resigned to be home alone. Honestly, what really  is on a dog’s mind?

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