The Lewes-Cape May Ferry is the way to go

Getting to Lewes from the New York area can be a tedious drive, if the traffic is bad. I just wasn’t in the mood to face the New Jersey Turnpike in the driving rain. And, with the bridge closed on I-495 in the Wilmington area, I decided to take the Garden State Parkway all the way to Cape May. Granted, it’s a longer trip, but it’s a nicer one. The Garden State doesn’t have the intensity that the Turnpike does. People don’t seem intent on driving over you. It’s greener and prettier, too.   The 1 1/2-hour ride on the ferry was so enjoyable. I left my car below and sat up front, watching the white caps and the approaching land.  I figured out that I added an hour or so to the trip, but shaved off about 30 miles of driving. It was worth it, maybe like the train rides of a previous era. I got home relaxed and truly happy.

Cape May Ferry_1

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